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Personal Care Physicians of Greater Newburyport is a unique and personalized Family Medicine practice for adults and children alike.

Why Choose Personalized Family Medicine?

Personal Care Physicians of Greater Newburyport is a unique and personalized Family Medicine practice for adults and children alike. We are proud to be at the forefront of a new era of healthcare & a new era where we are redefining the term “PCP” from Primary Care Physician to Personal Care Physician.
You have many physicians and offices to choose from, in selecting your medical home. So why choose Personal Care Physicians of Greater Newburyport?

  • Unparalleled focus on your healthcare needs, placing special attention to your lifestyle needs.
  • Mindful and thoughtful medicine customized to your individual needs and preferences.
  • Unique and cutting edge testing options to better assess your nutritional status, cardiovascular status, intestinal/immune health, and more.
  • Holistic health offering you a spectrum of treatment options, accounting for your healthcare philosophy approach.
  • Confidence in having a personal physician who: has created the extra available time to spend with you, whether in person or by phone; is availabile to you by phone, email, text, and more; and will stay abreast of your individual care throughout the continuum of life, bringing to you the best of what medicine has to offer (both traditional and non-traditional).
  • Community offerings to introduce you to new experiences or further your personal education with various stimulating health topics.

Uniquely Proactive Care

At Personal Care Physicians of Greater Newburyport, you will experience the first-rate care you deserve. You will not only be heard, but listened to; you will not be judged, rather instead, empowered. You will be valued both as a patient as well as a person. You will be given the best that healthcare tools and information the current medical field has to offer, and be healthier in body, mind and spirit. Once we have achieved superior knowledge about you and your family’s needs, not only will you receive timely reactive care, but you will experience uniquely proactive care with regular and needs-appropriate outreaches from our office.

Most of all, you will receive all of this within a manner most convenient for you because we care about simplifying your life. For starters, we offer same day appointments. We also provide options for phone visits, texting, and emergent home visits or in-your-office visits, so you can access medical help from wherever you may be. When warranted, we also accompany you to specialists’ visits, help facilitate your care in the hospital or rehab home.

So whether you seek a more relational and confident healthcare experience with a physician who truly advocates for you; or a more convenient and adaptable healthcare provider who saves you time and fits your lifestyle needs, our healthcare clinicians are those you can trust – people who truly want to know you and make your life better through true patient-centric care.

Customized Decision Making for Your Health

We do not practice strictly cookie-cutter medicine based on rigid guidelines. While incorporating the strengths of established and appropriate traditional medical recommendations, you will also experience a strong conviction in customized decision-making based on your individual profile and needs. We are open-minded and thoughtful about matters such as Lyme literacy and alternate vaccine scheduling. We give credence to and are non-judgmental about whatever concerns you may have read about, heard about, or are experiencing. With any given treatment decision, we account for your multiple life factors such as finances, time, motivation, location/distance, as well as potential future ramifications.
At Personal Care Physicians of Greater Newburyport, we are also advocates for Functional Medicine and the philosophy this approach embodies: seeking to identify and address the root causes of disease. This means not just treating your symptoms, but approaching and treating the whole system rather than a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties. We’re not afraid of asking the often-ignored question in traditional medicine: “Why?”

A Seamless Practice for Your Optimal Care

Personal Care Physicians of Greater Newburyport has created a two-pronged practice model: an entity to provide traditional, insurance-covered services, and a second entity to provide all the non-insurance-covered amenity services unique to our practice offerings (phone consults, home visits, text/email accessibility, accompaniment visits, and more). As a patient, your interactions with us will be seamless between these two entities – it is strictly a necessary legal structure in order to bring you the best care possible, the way healthcare was meant to be and the way Dr. Su envisions for our practice’s patients’ best interests. As a result of this structure, Personal Care Physicians of Greater Newburyport is able to bypass insurance company-created patient-physician conflicts and create purer decisions strictly based on your best interests. No longer are we succumbing to insurance-mandated pressures to make choices regarding testing, visits, or interventions which might not be in your best interests or preferences (which you would ultimately be pressured to accept); instead, you will experience the freedom of choice the way healthcare was meant to be.

Holistic Care

At Personal Care Physicians of Greater Newburyport, we define “Holistic Care” as:

  • Freedom of Choice. Providing you with a full analysis of management options for your condition (both traditional and alternative/complimentary), whether acute (e.g., tennis elbow, anxiety, migraine headaches) or chronic (e.g., weight needs, diabetes, recurring indigestion), and offering advice on the pros and cons of which option might be best suited for your particular needs.
  • Customized Care. The cookie-cutter approach just doesnít cut it when it comes to our patients. We even offer novel genetic testing for targeted treatments and cutting edge medicine with comprehensive specialty diagnostic testing, when warranted.
  • Preventative, Lifestyle Care. We always consider your nutritional and fitness lifestyle while forming a treatment plan. In addition, we may suggest supplements or nutraceuticals to improve your energy, focus, immune system, and overall quality of life, as yet another offering without having to “reach for the prescription pad.”
  • Mindfulness About Medications. Regarding pharmaceutical medications, our general philosophy is that lesser is better. We prefer to consider food as medicine and other lifestyle modifications as a first choice, particularly for chronic conditions (eg, high blood pressure, diabetes). If you prefer medications, or I feel they are warranted (eg, antibiotics for infections), thankfully they are available to us! However, they need not be a first choice therapy, especially regarding chronic, lifestyle-related conditions.

Group Seminars, Cooking & Community

Though Personal Care Physicians of Greater Newburyport is based on direct personal care, we are well aware that community activities offer powerful benefits beyond those of individual activity. That is why we regularly offer free group seminars with other local, trusted and reputable experts. The topics of these live activities range from grocery shopping seminars (we’ll walk through the store together, in real-time!), cooking demonstrations, life counseling seminars (parenting, aging, work-life balance, relationship stress management, etc), acupuncture demonstrations, yoga/meditation discounts or opportunities, and regular online education through our blog and email updates. While empowering you, we are proud to give you the option to empower others by offering your health discoveries, recipes, encouragement, and tips to those around you as well!

How do we do this? Again, we limit our practice to a finite number of patients and provide a two-pronged legal structure to provide both traditional in-office insurance-covered services as well as non-insurance-covered amenity services like those just described, and more! This model allows the time and space to cultivate a trusting patient-physician relationship and provide you with the opportunity to access your provider with any and all questions or concerns. In turn, it provides us with the opportunity to learn, distill, and bring to you the latest and best that conventional and holistic medicine has to offer!

So join us and schedule an appointment today!

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