Virtual Visits

Traditionally, healthcare insurances limit the type of services a patient may be reimbursed for.

Virtual Visits

In the event it is determined that an in-person visit may not be necessary, what’s most convenient for you?

  • Phone discussion
  • Texting (for shorter, simpler matters)
  • Video conference (eg, Skype)
  • Email

Examples: Have a worrisome mole? Text us a picture. Quick question about one of our previous conversations? Send us an email or text. Have a question about something you read online? Email us the link. Wondering if your concern requires an office visit? Call us first. Anxious and needing more reassurance than normal? Skype us (video conference). Has your child’s woken up with mild conjunctivitis, or “white spots” in his/her throat? Text us a picture or Skype us and we’ll decide about school/daycare, first thing in the morning, from your own home!

You will have full access to us through all of the above means, 24/7. No question is too small, no matter is too inconvenient. We will always find an agreeable way to address your needs. And if we can’t adequately address your situation through these alternative means, we will arrange an in-person visit to resolve the matter. If you’ve experienced my care in the past, you already know how convenient and helpful these other forms of communication can be. Now, we’re ready and able to provide such care more often, more optimally, and without restriction!

Make An Appointment

We look forward to touching base with you as soon as feasibly possible!  Please note that we do receive many inquiries, so we appreciate your patience in responding to your message.  Thank you!