In-Person Visits

Traditionally, healthcare insurances limit the type of services a patient may be reimbursed for.

In-Person, Same Day Visits & House Calls

In-Office Visits
We are proud to accommodate same-day visits for any reason, with minimal to no waiting and a personal check-in process upon your arrival. Your visits with won’t be rushed, and all your questions will be either answered during the visit or a plan will be created to pursue the answers you need. If specialist visits are recommended, we will direct you to those we believe are best suited for you, within insurance plan parameters (if applicable); and in the case of insurance plan restrictions, when warranted, we will fight and appeal on your behalf for the optimal specialist for your best interest.
Home Visits and More
Additionally, we are no longer limited to visits at our office. We are able, when necessary and logistically possible, to see you and/or your family at your home. We can even see you at your office when within a reasonable distance. If you’re in a unique situation where neither of these options suffice, the location of your visit is still flexible. Perhaps you’re at a friend’s home and need some attention there? Perhaps you’re in a real hurry and en route home or elsewhere, and we meet along your way? The possibilities are numerous.
Other Visits
Of course, this also includes visits in the hospital, should you/your family need such care. The same applies for assisted living, nursing or rehab facility, if you or a loved one are a temporary or longterm resident of such locations.

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We look forward to touching base with you as soon as feasibly possible!  Please note that we do receive many inquiries, so we appreciate your patience in responding to your message.  Thank you!