Dear PCP Community, 

Much has happened since we last made announcements… We look forward to getting back to more regular messaging to keep you abreast of developments here at Personal Care Physicians, as well as news you can use to maintain or improve your health!

1) Please click here for a short holiday message of gratitude and support for you, our patient community!

2) We welcome our newest clinician to the PCP practice – Katie Kenny, NP!  Katie has already taken on a number of new patients; if you are aware of a friend or loved one seeking care with a root cause-minded medical practitioner, we invite you to recommend they arrange a free meet-and-greet visit with Katie.  She’s awesome – people love her easy-going, grounded, and professional demeanor.  Katie also is certified as a health/life coach and yoga instructor.  Welcome, Katie!

3) Be on the lookout for a program we’re working on for early 2023 – Mindset Transformation.  If you’re stuck in chronic pain, anxiety, chronic fatigue, headaches, IBS, or simply “just stuck in life!”, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.  We’ll explore how our thoughts and emotions, not just those in our conscious mind, but also (and especially?) our subconscious mind, affect our bodies and physical symptoms.  In essence, if you recognize the power of the mind-body connection, or are familiar with resources such as the Curable app or the book The Body Keeps the Score, you’ll be excited about what we have to offer.  As many of us know, “Our thoughts affect our physiology”… and/or, “Our biography affects our biology”.  Details forthcoming as we work out the logistics in the coming weeks.

We wish you and yours a reflective and warm holiday season-

Mark Su, MD and the Personal Care Physicians team