Dear PCP Community, 

Pre-pandemic, in response to the assessed needs of our local communities, the Newburyport Youth Services held an excellent town hall event on the topic of the state and needs of mental health in our youth and adolescents.  I found myself engaged in several conversations with various colleagues and friends post-event for weeks to come, and was convicted to continue the conversation and mission of addressing this matter.

Of course, resulting from the pandemic, this need has only magnified with time.  In March, subsequent to a professional conference, where Dr. Rhea Chase from the Judge Baker Childrens Center, a Harvard Medical School affiliated program in Waltham, presented a compelling discussion on this very same topic, I contacted her and we arranged for her and her colleagues to provide a webinar to our communities.  

This webinar, free of charge (financially supported by Personal Care Physicians, donations accepted but not required; co-sponsored with Riverside Pediatrics in Newburyport), will take place on Thursday evening, 7:30pm.  The details are below.  This is offered to anyone and everyone in our local, regional, or even distant communities, so we encourage you to pass this offering on to anyone or everyone you’d like.  It’s a tough time right now for all, our youth in particular.  Many of us have witnessed that the youth and adolescents have seemingly expressed greater mental health needs this spring than they did last fall, even (in context of the timing and evolution of the pandemic and it’s subsequent effects on our rhythms of life).  

Peace to all, see you Thursday night on the webinar!

Mark Su, MD and the Personal Care Physicians team

Coping Skills for our Youth (Click here for larger viewing as an attachment/download!)