Most traditional medical practices tend to be narrow in scope of offerings. At Personal Care Physicians of Greater Newburyport, we offer an expanded spectrum of services to all categories of needs, to treat the whole person, and many different types of persons.  So whether you’re looking for basic-needs primary care but with modern day technology amenities and enhanced conveniences to care; or you’re a “chronic, complex illness” patient with a need for diagnoses or better treatment options; or you’re seeking to rejuvenate your “outer glow” through mindful and expertise medical esthetics work… we are here to serve your whole-person needs, not only with the spectrum of services we offer, but with the personable and truly caring clinicians and staff who are looking forward to meeting you!

Primary Care PLUS
Primary Care PLUS
The foundations of our practice. Access and conveniences that make the practice of medicine the way it should be.
Rejuva Life
For those seeking to rejuvenate their “outer glow” through mindful, artful, and expertise medical esthetics work!
A different perspective to “Lyme disease” and its complicated diagnostic and treatment considerations.
Using Functional Medicine to help those with unanswered questions to their chronic and complex conditions.

Welcome To Personal Care Physicians

Personal Care Physicians of Greater Newburyport is a unique and personalized Family Medicine practice for adults and children alike. We are proud to be at the forefront of a new era of healthcare.

Each of our highly trained, compassionate, and engaging clinicians will be your personal physician/provider like you’ve never experienced before. As a member of this limited practice community, you will be afforded the extra time, attention, and care the way the practice of medicine should be. As a patient, you will feel listened to. You will feel a connection. You will feel accepted for who you are. You will be empowered. You will be respectfully treated and be able to actively participate in your healthcare the way you’ve always wanted.

Come experience authentic and exceptional health care. It is our pleasure and privilege to be your and your family’s Personal Care Physician.


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