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A Personal Statement from Dr. Su, Personal Care Physician

The Purpose and Vision for Personal Care Physicians of Greater Newburyport:

aboutThe evolution of Personal Care Physicians of Greater Newburyport seemingly arose suddenly, but in actuality, it has been “a diamond in the rough” for many, many years.

Personal Care Physicians is the culmination of all that I stand for, value most, and cherish, both in my personal and professional life.

#1: Exceptional quality, expecting nothing less than the best.
#2: A premium on relationships and the immeasurable value of a mutually respectful, trustworthy, and synergistic relationship.
#3: Going above and beyond expectations in serving others.

Though I have affirmed and cultivated these values over many years, it was in the context of recent changes in our healthcare system that these values took substance, demanded recognition and justice, and led me to demand, “There simply must be a better way.”

After reflecting on patient feedback over my years in practice, as well as what I have always dreamed of experiencing in patient care, I arrived at the inception of what is now formally the practice of Personal Care Physicians of Greater Newburyport.

An Engaged and Listening Personal Physician
So what’s different now? In some ways, nothing much. In other ways, an awful lot! Patients will experience nothing less than what they have come to appreciate over the years in my care: an actively engaged and listening physician who wants nothing but the best for his patients; a responsible and trustworthy office staff within a reliable administrative system who advocates for your needs and an exceptional attention to detail on multiple levels. Better yet, patients will now experience these qualities to an even greater extent due to the features of this personalized practice. Patients will have more time to spend with me, and therefore experience a greater hands-on, less fragmented care.

“I will truly be on top of every detail.”
I will maintain direct communication with all my patients about all test results, meaning no more indirect communication through staff. After personally reviewing referral physician visit notes, I will contact you to confirm that you are comfortable and confident with any recommendations made to you. This means no more retrospective “catching up” many months later, or worse, me being in the complete dark about your specialist visits. I will remain cognizant of any given note, form, or data added to your chart and there will be no more conversations along the lines of; “Did you get that information? It should be in my chart – I asked them to send it to you?”. I will be able to have complex and substantive conference calls with other doctors, therapists, or others involved in your care on a timely basis. All of this will lead to less reactive and more proactive care, which will, in many cases, translate into a greater preventative care focus over time – i.e., less need for medications, less healthcare crises, fewer ER visits and hospitalizations, and a greater quality of life.

Real time Care, Immediate Responses
What else is different now? The addition of many more communication and interaction options will now help me provide greater real-time and immediate responses to your every day medical needs. A patient’s 24/7 access to me via email, cell phone and text in addition to the standard office phone, may be exciting new features for many. For me, it’s not the technology features that are exciting – it’s the ability to take better care of my patients. Being immediately and readily accessible is so exciting because it will all lead to a more convenient and enjoyable quality of life for you.

“I believe I have found a better way.”
I have found a better way – one that allows us to maintain the desired benefits of your insurance plan, but also allows for our independence and autonomy within the healthcare system, ultimately providing you with more control of your healthcare.  Lorelee Scipione, PA, Michele Novello, NP, and I would be privileged to improve your lives by providing this style of personalized medicine in caring for you and your family.  We trust that you will find our emphasis on building trustworthy relationships, at an affordable rate, as deserving of caring for you and your family’s greatest asset in life – your health.

-Mark Su, MD

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